Body Sculpting

A pain-free, non-invasive range of treatments designed to shape and sculpt your body. Each treatment consists of five weekly sessions to achieve your desired results.

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Signature Brazilian Booty Lift

Create the ultimate lift by using unwanted fat cells from the legs and pushing them into the bum!

Targets cellulite and tightens the skin.

Tummy Sculpting

Focus on stubborn fat around the lower abdomen and slim the waist with this belly blitz course.

Drain those fat cells out of the body for good!

Bye Bye Back Fat

Target those stubborn bra strap bulges with this unique sculpting treatment, designed to slim and tighten the skin on the upper back.

Thigh Gap

This treatment targets the front of the thighs and the thigh gap, aiming to tone and tighten the area whilst melting away fat cells.

Upper Arms

Eradicate stubborn fat around the upper arms, and simultaneously tighten the skin.

How does it work?

Stage 1 - LED Light Therapy

This stage stimulates the fat cells, causing a change in the permeability of the cell membrane. It speeds up cell production, making the skin generate faster and result in a more youthful, fresher looking skin.

Stage 2 - Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to flush fat from the body. This creates a bubbling effect in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, breaking down fat cells into fatty acids which can then be drained naturally by the body's own filtration system.

Stage 3 - Radio Frequency

Radio frequency stimulates the body's own natural renewal of collagen, resulting in smoother, tighter and younger looking skin. It delivers great, visible results from the first treatment. The wand gently heats the lower layers of the skin to approximately 40 degrees, tricking the brain into thinking there has been a potential injury and thus stimulates a healing response. This results in an increase in collagen and heightening of the elastin fibres.

Stage 4 - Vacuum Suction (Signature Brazilian Booty Lift only)

The Vacuum Suction stage of the treatment is designed to stimulate the underlying structures of the skin. It improves blood flow and lymph stimulation. When directed towards the bum, you can manually lift and sculpt this area, resulting in a plumper appearance.

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