Makeup Lessons

A tailored range of makeup workshops designed to improve your confidence and ability to apply makeup to yourself and others.

Please be aware that each of these lessons are subject to availability. If you are interested in a lesson, please use the form below to make an enquiry. Click here to go to the form.

One Look Makeup Class

A relaxed, one-to-one session, aimed at mastering a particular look or style of your choice.



Two Day Artistry Qualification

Spend two days at the studio, learning how to create four unique and inspiring styles.



Fast Track Pro MUA Qualification

Our most comprehensive qualification available. Spend a full week at the studio, beginning your journey on the way to becoming a makeup specialist.

Subject to availability.



Learn Your Own Face

Learn which colours and styles suit you, and how best to apply them.



One Day Artistry Qualification

Spend an entire day at the studio, learning how to create two unique and inspiring styles.



Pro MUA Evening Qualification

Join me for one evening a week for a total of five weeks. Explore a range of techniques and learn how to apply different products whilst earning a nationally recognised qualification.

Subject to availability.



Content Creation Class

Learn how to create engaging and appealing Social Media content to boost your numbers!


Social Media Content Creation
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